Hand Chakral Activator

Posted on December 16, 2014 by Carlos Costa | 0 Comments

All crystals are Chakral activators, but have you looked at your crystal ball you use with your Laser lately? Take a look for a moment and think what could be a better Activator? When using your Laser, it is advised to use a Hand Chakral Activator. According to the teachings of GMCKS from the Pranic Crystal Healing Book, if the crystal has a pointed end, position the end towards the subjects body. Shouldn't we acknowledge this while healing as well? With great instruction, Carlos Costa has a new design for the Hand Chakral Activator. This new design delivers more power to the healer, cleansing the patient faster, while enabling a faster healing process and a shorter time with the patient. 

Crystals have an activating effect on the chakras and tend to make the auras stronger and bigger, especially the lower ones. A crystal can absorb, store, project and focus Pranic energy. To use crystals as an instrument effectively in Pranic Healing is essential. With great direction and instruction from MCKS, Carlos Costa has designed a more effective shape while maintaining the idea that the Hand Chakra Activator should weigh more and be bigger than the Laser.

Carlos Costa Crystals is proud to present the newest and most effective product for Crystal Pranic Healing, the Hand Chakral Activator, now available in Clear and Rose Quartz.



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