Rose Quartz Knife

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Rose Quartz Knife

The Rose Crystal Knife is the instrument that was missing to MCKS' Pranic Psychotherapy with Crystals to cut the etheric cords!

This knife releases the pacient from negative cords with loving energy.

Before, we used to have only the Clear Quartz Knife but who could buy it and used was extremelly restricted.

Now the use of the Rose Quartz Knife is allowed to practitioners of MCKS' Arhatic Yoga.

The instructions to cut etheric cords are made in the Golden Lotus Sutras Book "Possible Miracles":

a)     Imagine you are placing a clip about three or four inches away from the body, then another three to four inches of the first


b)    Then cut the cord between the two clips. This is similar to cutting the umbilical cord of a baby. Cut all the cords and pull them out of the root of the chakras.

c)     Imagine your energy hand is going into the root of the chakra and pulling out the cord.

d)    Energize the affected chakra with golden prana for about three breathing cycles.

e)     Attach the other part of the cord to the ajna chakra of the sender or to the nearest church or temple”.

Possible Miracles, Master Choa Kok Sui, pages 37&38


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