Big Clear High Extractors and Environmental Pranic Healing

Posted on October 11, 2018 by Carlos Costa | 0 Comments

  • High Extractors have many purposes

The Big ones are advisable for healing and cleaning environments.

 From 150 to 250g  are advisable for cleaning rooms, such as your healing room as well as for self-healing (self healing using an extractor above 200g).

 From 300 to 500g  for bigger environments, such as entire houses, offices or apartments.

 From 550 to 1000g or more are for energetically cleaning the neighbourhood or the entire building. 

The Big Clear High Extractor was specifically created for healing large areas, environments and can also be used for personal healing by placing it in the dominate hand and giving the instructions to Extract, Absorb and Disintegrate and Expel. 

Use these amazing Healing Tools to apply Environmental Pranic Healing by placing the Big Clear High Extractor in a bowl of salt water or placing it on a table top. Instruct the Big High Extractor to Extract, Absorb and Disintegrate and Expel all harmful, sick or diseased energies from an entire environment. 




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