GMCKS Sacred Geometry and the 12 Pointed Star Medallion

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Carlos Costa | 0 Comments

GMCKS Star Medallion

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui personally designed this Clear Quartz Crystal 12 Pointed Star referred to as the GMCKS Star Medallion. He gave this design to his senior disciple, Carlos Costa and Carlos cut this Clear Quartz Star Medallion. He has made it available to anybody who wants to enjoy the healing energies in any part of the world.

How it Works

The Star Medallion has two hexagrams forming a twelve pointed star which is surrounded by a circle. This is created using clear and pure crystal quartz. This shape allows energy delivered to all 12 Chakras in a steady and continuous manner which strengthens the Chakras as well as the Aura. The Star Medallion has the power to increase your good energy while balancing the energy of the Chakras all over the entire body.

This Star Medallion is available in Silver and Gold. 



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