Got the Monday Blues??

Posted on January 23, 2017 by Carlos Costa | 0 Comments

Carlos Costa Crystals is here to Enhance and improve all you energy needs. If you feel stressed out, tired or just plain irritated, we can help you handle all these influxes with your emotions.

We recommend that you use our Sodalite Quartz Stress Relief Crystals. Place them on your palms with the flat side against your palm and the round side upward for a few minutes on each hand. Your energy will improve and your emotions will calm down. 

If that doesn't cut it then we can offer you a Sodalite Medium Extractor or a Sodalite Low Extractor. Instruct the Extractor to absorb, extract and disintegrate negative or stress energies. You can place the Extractor on a Chakra or an area that you  feel you have stress. Leave the Extractor there or up to 20 minutes and your emotions will release and your attitude will change immensely. 

Don't Let The Monday Blues Bring You Down



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