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The Crystal Pendulum was first discovered in Egypt. Some healers use the Crystal Pendulum for diagnoses and healing. Some healers believe that if there is something wrong with a chakra or if it is contaminated, then the Crystal Pendulum will have a counter-clockwise motion and will continue to do so until the chakra  normalizes. It is then that the crystal moves clockwise. At this time the chakra is supposed to be functioning properly thus the change in motion. This may or may not be true.

Many healers use the Pendulum when healing in the same direction one uses a Laser Crystal for healing. For example when using a Laser Crystal counterclockwise it is cleansing or extracting contaminated Energies. And when using the Laser Crystal clockwise it is energizing the chakra. A Pranic Crystal Healer will realize and understand that when a Crystal Pendulum turns counter-clockwise it is cleansing or extracting contaminated energies from the affected chakra. Therefore, when the Crystal Pendulum is turned clockwise it is energizing the Chakra.

To use the Crystal Pendulum ask the patient to lie down, use a clean, consecrated and energized Crystal Pendulum. Swing the pendulum counterclockwise above the patient and instruct the Crystal to absorb, extract, disintegrate, and expel dirty energies. Cleanse the Crystal Pendulum several times during the protocol. Scan and rescan the patient and the Crystal Pendulum. Next, move it clockwise to energize the chakra. Cleanse the Crystal Pendulum after each protocol and before storage. It is recommended to recharge and reprogram the Crystal Pendulum often. Again apply and use the same techniques for the other crystals like the salt water and recharging with the Earth.



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