Egyptian Pendulum

"In the study of esoteric sciences, exercising discrimination is necessary. Do not accept everything blindly because this can result in confusion." - MCKS
Crystal Pendulum
There are definitely many good books written about crystal healing; they are informative and practical. But some crystal healing books contain many doubtful teachings. Let us take for instance a crystal pendulum. Some healers use the crystal pendulum for diagnosis and healing. They believe that if there is something wrong with a chakra, the crystal pendulum will move counterclockwise and will continue to do so until the chakra normalizes. If the crystal moves clockwise, the chakra is supposed to be functioning properly. This may or may not be true.
A person with Pranic Healing background will realize that when a crystal pendulum turns counterclockwise, it is cleansing or  extracting the diseased energy from the affected chakra. When seen clairvoyantly, the chakra is turning predominantly counterclockwise, and in the process expelling the dirty energy to the crystal pendulum. If the crystal is turned clockwise, the chakra will also turn predominantly clockwise, thereby absorbing pranic energy from the surroundings, the dirty crystal and the healer.
The clockwise motion of the crystal pendulum has an energizing effect while the counterclockwise motion has an expelling effect. The idea that the clockwise motion of the crystal pendulum is an indication that the chakra is normal, and the counterclockwise motion is not normal may be doubtful.
But you can definitely use a crystal pendulum to heal a patient. Ask the patient to lie down,  then swing the pendulum counterclockwise and will the crystal to absorb, extract, disintegrate and expel the dirty energy. What do you do when you want to energize? Use a clean, charged pendulum and move it clockwise to energize the chakra." 
Pages 120 and 121 of Pranic Crystal Healing - by Master Choa Kok Sui 
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