Low Extractors

    We offer our Low Extractors in a variation of colors:

Clear Quartz – May be used on all the chakras and projects all colors of prana. We indicate their use mainly on lower chakras.
Amethyst – It is used to project violet prana and electric violet prana. It is ideal for Pranic Psychotherapy, to be used exclusively on upper chakras.
Rose Quartz – Projects pink prana. It is ideal to cleaning heart chakra (front and back). It may also be used to clean solar plexus chakra, front and back.
Green Quartz – Projects green prana. It is very used to clean lower chakras, but not exclusively.
Sodalite Quartz- Projects blue prana. It is used to inhibit, shrink or clean an inflamed area. Perfect for front and back solar plexus chakras or for the Mein Meng chakra if someone has hypertension or high blood pressure.

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IMPORTANT - All our units of measure are: 
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Weight in grams (g).
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Please, note that pictures are illustrative only.

Each crystal is unique, they are all handcrafted and came from Brazilian mines.

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