Rose Disintegrator

The energy that comes from the Rose Quartz Disintegrator is pink, meaning that the Rose Quartz Disintegrator has much more loving energy than the Clear Disintegrator and the Amethyst Disintegrator. It is the safest tool for Pranic Psychotherapy with crystals.

We provide you with an excellent quality. Our Rose Quartz Disintegrators vary from 60 millimeters (mm) to 150 mm.

Carlos Costa Crystals are special because they were tested and upgraded through many experiments conducted by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui during his classes and healing sessions. Our lapidary is Advanced Pranic Healer and he works in a clean and healthy environment.

We respect Mother Nature.

We ship our products to any city on the whole world.

IMPORTANT - All our measure units are: 
Size in millimeters (mm).
Weight in grams (g).
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Each crystal is unique

#312. Rose Disintegrator.96 to 105mm SF.
#312. Rose Disintegrator.96 to 105mm SF. $117.00
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#313. Rose Disintegrator.SF. 106 to 120mm
#313. Rose Disintegrator.SF. 106 to 120mm $135.00 - Sold Out
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#314. Rose Disintegrator.121 to 135mm.SF.
#314. Rose Disintegrator.121 to 135mm.SF. $153.00 - Sold Out
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