1. How to clean the Gold Laser?

This is a frequent question that people usually ask me!

Master Choa Kok Sui (MCKS for short) usually taught this:

  1. Take the dirty Gold Laser and wash it with some liquid soap. 
  2. Rub it with some salt on your hands. 
  3. Rinse and wash it again. 
  4.  Clean the Gold Laser with electric violet prana.

Until now most people did that. It is not enough! The gold rod has the property of removing and holding some elementals from the chakras during the healing session. So you need to thoroughly clean the gold rod. For that, you’ll need to use either Clear Disintegrator or an Amethyst Disintegrator.


Here is the technique:

  1. From the tip of the Gold Laser to its base you point the multifaceted Clear Disintegrator or the Amethyst Disintegrator using electric violet prana to remove all elementals and dirty energies that still remain in the gold rod.  
  2. Do it five times.
  3. Please, scan the Gold Laser before and after doing this technique.

There are two more things in order to increase the power of your Gold Laser following our beloved MCKS instructions. 

Do you want to know it?

 First show deep gratitude to Mother Earth and to the being that exists in each crystal.

Second, put your beautiful clean Gold Laser on earth for 20 minutes in order to absorb prana from earth, air and sun.

That’s it.  Your laser Gold Laser and your patients will be glad and grateful for that. 


2. What is the difference between the laser crystal AA, AB, AC and AD?

 This classification refers to the quality of the natural crystal quartz:

  •    A. The AA quality means that the natural crystal quartz comes completely clean from mother earth. It has no inclusion. It is the best one because prana flows smoothly to the patient. It is also easier for cleaning it after the healing session. This AA quality is becoming hard to find in Mother Earth;
  •  B.   The AB quality means that the natural crystal quartz has a little bit of inclusion in it. 

              NOTE: Due to our quality control, if we have a very little point of inclusion in clear laser AA, we classify this crystal as ABE quality. A little bit better than AB quality. 

  • C.   The AC quality means that the natural crystal quartz has some inclusions in it. Still, you can do healing with it, but you will need to put more attention in cleaning it after your healing session. Please, scan the crystal carefully before and after each healing session, and then emerge it in salt water during one hour with the intention to remove all the dirty energies. After one hour please scan it again. Repeat the procedure if necessary. 
  •  D.  The AD quality means that the natural crystal quartz is full of inclusions. Still, you may do healing, but please pay much more attention in cleaning your laser crystal after each healing session.
3. What is the best healing laser crystal for me?


This is a very good question. MCKS uses to recommend that you should have a laser crystal exclusively for healing you and your family, and other lasers crystals for healing your patients.

It is good for your safety.

The best healing laser crystal for you is the one you will feel comfortable and happy holding it.

It is advisable to have a laser crystal that is 1 inch or 3 centimeters longer than your hand, at least.


4. What about the extractors and techniques to use them?

You can easily use extractors for extracting, disintegrating and expelling dirty energies from Chakras.

       They are cut as:

       High healing speed extractors

       Medium healing speed extractors

       Low healing speed extractors

       Baby-extractor for Pranic Distant Healing


 4.1. High Extractors


This is the most powerful extractor.  You can use it for many purposes:


4.1.1. For extracting dirty energies from chakras.

 Please keep the high extractors away 10 inches or 30 centimeters from the chakra you want to clean.

Do a counter-clockwise movement holding the circular extremities of the extractor with 2 fingers directing the base of the extractor to the chakra and the tip pointing to the opposite direction.

Please do not point the tip towards you or to anyone. The dirty energy comes out through the point tip.

After that, clean the extractor in salt water for 30 minutes. Please scan it before and after cleaning it.

 Becrystal.com advices that the High Extractor should not be placed directly on a person's physical body.


4.1.2. You can use the high extractor for cleaning large rooms and your healing room.

 Technique 1: Emerge the high extractor in salt water. Put it pointing to the center of the recipient and the base directing to the whole room. Ten minutes will be enough for cleaning a room. Please scan the room before and after using the extractor. If the room is still dirty, please repeat the procedure.

Technique 2: Hold the circular extremities of the extractor with 2 fingers directing the base of the extractor from the end of the room to its entrance. Do it several times. Scan the room before and after this whole procedure. After that, please clean the extractor.

 4.2. Medium  Extractors

 This category refers to medium speed extractors for healing. You should use this extractor no more than 1 or 2 minutes directly on the chakras.  It is very powerful for self healing too. It removes dirty energies from chakras very quickly.

 4.3. Low Extractors

 You can use those Low extractors directly on the chakra. It is safe.

Ask the patient to lay down and place low extractors directly on the chakras. MCKS recommends the extractors to remain up to 20 minutes on the body.

Becrystal.com has a complete box of 15 low extractors that you can use in all 11 major chakras and minor chakras of the hands and soles chakras.

 4.4. Baby-extractors

 It is for distant healing.

You can draw the person or use a picture of the person you want to heal. Then, identify each chakra on the drawing or picture, and put the baby-extractors directly on the identified chakra. MCKS recommends no more than 1 - 2 minutes directly on drawing or picture of the patient. You can use this technique for self healing, too.


Please clean the baby-extractors before and after each healing session in salt water.


4.5.  Is the amethyst extractor hard to clean?
The instructions for crystal cleaning: leave the crystal in salt solution for at least 20 minutes, command your crystal to release all the negative energy. Scan before, during and after the process. Project electric violet prana to cleanse all the psychological contamination.


5. Disintegrators

 5.1.What's the purpose of a disintegrator?

The main purpose of the disintegrator is to disintegrate elementals and old thought forms that you want to remove from the patient. This crystal is much more efficient than any other crystal for Pranic Psychotherapy. Try it! You will feel the difference.
5.2.How is a disintegrator different from a laser crystal? How do you use it?
A Laser Crystal normally is used for cleaning and energizing the Chakras using Advanced Pranic Healing for that. While the Disintegrator is more indicated for Pranic Psychotherapy.

5.3.You never heard about the disintegrator because that was a new project developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and Carlos Costa (Becrystal.com). MCKS often used disintegrators for healing demonstrations in his classes. The instructors of Pranic Healing Classes follow the original Manual, that does not mention this new tool.


6. Other questions:
6.1 Is there a limit on how many times per day to use a crystal: does the crystal become "exhausted"?
There's no exact limit on how may times it can be used, we strongly recommend you to thoroughly cleanse your crystals between healing sessions to avoid contaminating your patients. 
6.2 Where do I channel energy from when putting in left hand for meditation and healing?
The energy channeled to a crystal during a healing session comes from the air prana you capture and give proper command to any color.
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