#303. Clear Disintegrator 106 to 120mm.BOG

Clear Disintegrators - They were the first one approved by GMCKS and produced by Carlos Costa. We suggest you try them only once you´re already comfortable healing with the Lasers, Rose Disintegrators and other crystals. 

These Clear Disintegrators as presented now are multifaceted and come from Brazilian mines and have a round base, for security reasons.

Those pictures are illustrative only.
NOTE: Some Clear Disintegrators that we are offering may have some inclusions that do not interfere in its work.
IMPORTANT - All our units of measure are:
Size in millimeters (mm).
Weight in grams (g).
Investment in US$ (American Dollar).
Each crystal is unique, they are all handcrafted.
We ship our products to any city all over the world.

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