#511. Big Clear High Extractor. MCKS approved.BOG

 High Extractors have many purposes. This big one is advisable for healing and cleaning environments such as entire houses or apartments.

This is a product that comes from Mother Nature.

This picture is illustrative only. Weight: 251 to 300g

Instructions for better use of this fantastic High Extractor: 

Dip the High Extractor in a bowl containing a salt solution and provide the instructions of extracting, absorbing, disintegrating and expelling the dirty energy to the High Extractor. The tip of the High Extractor must point to the bottom of the bowl. 

 We ship our products to any city all over the world. 

 We may only suggest the crystal's application, we are not responsible for their use by the customer.

 Each crystal is unique. It comes from Brazilian Mines. All our crystals quartz are natural ones.


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