#653. Booster Energy Activator.SF. 251 to 300g

NEW. Now you have this Booster Energy Activator from Carlos Costa Crystals. This new healing tool helps you to get much more Energy in order to heal better. 

Just hold it on your dominant hand, flat side facing up for 1 minute and you'll feel a tremendous Energy that will fill all your body. Feel tired? Try it.

Crystals have an activating effect on the chakras and tend to make the aura and all chakras stronger and bigger, especially the lower ones.

Product Features: 

Color: Pure Clear Quartz. Sometimes with slightly inclusions.          

Top diameter= 21mm or more, Bottom diameter= 39mm or more

Type: Handmade, Classification: Pure Crystal Quartz

Origin = Natural Quartz from Brazilian Mines.

IMPORTANT - All our measure units are in: 

millimeters (mm).
grams (g).
Investment in US$ (American Dollar). 

We ship our products to any city all over the world. 

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