#506. Clear High Extractor. SF

These Extractors are the most versatile crystal that Carlos Costa Crystals offers.

We named them as High Extractors because they have a sharped pointed end that allow them absorb, draw, disintegrate and expel the dirty energy at high speed.

Here are some suggestions for using this Clear High Extractor:

  1. Cleaning chakras: Hold the round base of the High Extractor with three fingers. Connect the base of the crystal with the chakra being cleaned. Make circular movements in a counter-clockwise direction, with the command to absorb, draw, disintegrate and expel the dirty energy chakra. Do not point the tip towards you or anyone, the crystal expels its energy through the tip. Remember to explore the chakra before and after cleaning. The Becrystal.com recommends that the high extractor is NOT positioned directly on the patient's body.
  2. Distant Healing, Cleaning a room or Environment (High Extractor above 150g). In a plastic container, put water and salt. The tip should be directed to the salt water, while the bottom is facing up. The High Extractor expels dirty energy in the salt water. Check and change the water regularly. Explore the environment before and after cleaning.
  3. Self Healing(High Extractor above 200g) The pranic therapist can program the High Extractor to absorb all the dirty energy from your system, just by putting it in your dominant hand. Leave for two minutes or more. Explore to feel the result.

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IMPORTANT - All our measure units are: 

Size in millimeters (mm).
Weight in grams (g).
Investment in US$ (American Dollar). 

 Those pictures are illustrative only.


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